Recycling your old fridge

Recycling a fridge used to be a difficult process: it took time and effort to locate a suitable recycler who was willing to take on the job. Today, recycling your fridge is a fairly simple process, and as long as you ensure that the fridge is being dealt with appropriately the whole experience can be simple and satisfying.

Company pick-up

The simplest way to recycle your old fridge is to buy a new energy-efficient model from a company that delivers your new model and offers to pick up your old fridge for recycling.


If the fridge you are trying to recycle still works properly, consider donating it to a charity. Donating it to someone who needs it is probably the best way of recycling a fridge, as it goes to a good cause and reduces time and effort taking it apart for recycling.

Use it

If your fridge has stopped working and you are having trouble obtaining transportation to have it removed, consider using it as shelving or as a compartment area. A broken fridge can act as a great filing cabinet or extra shelf space. You could relocate the fridge to the garage or attic.

Scrap-metal dealers

Another effective way of recycling your fridge is to contact scrap metal retailers. These companies are likely to come and collect your old fridge. However, when giving your fridge to a scrap metal retailer, ensure that it will be recycled appropriately.

Is it time to ditch your old fridge?

If you own a fridge that is 10 years old, you should consider recycling it and purchasing a new energy-efficient model. Models produced before 1993 cost twice as much to run than newer models, which will actually save you money in the long run. However, always ensure that your old fridge is recycled properly when you part with it.

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