Making your fridge energy-efficient

A fridge is a powerful energy user and, unlike most other household appliances, the fridge runs constantly. Ensuring your fridge is energy-efficient will save you money and keep energy levels down, which in turn helps the environment. So, take a look at these essential energy-efficient tips:

Fill the fridge

An little-known fact is that an empty fridge can use a lot more energy than a full fridge. Cold contents keep it cool. Try and keep your fridge full at all times. If your fridge is empty, it has to use more energy, and therefore works harder, which causes the fridge to cycle more frequently. If you can’t keep the fridge full, use water filled plastic bottles to take up the unused space. This will not only keep the fridge full, it will help keep food cooler without using extra energy.

Keep out hot food

Try not to put hot or warm food in your fridge, as it has to work harder first to cool the food and then keep it cold. Leave the food out until it has cooled to room temperature.

Check the seals

The magnetic seal attaches the door to fridge and should be checked regularly. If the magnet is not functioning properly, the plastic seal around the door will cease to work properly, and let in warm air, so the fridge will have to cycle more frequently to keep the temperature down.

Defrost regularly

Make sure you defrost the freezer compartment on a regular basis. Too much frost can cause damage and wastes energy, so by keeping the frost levels down, you will save money and keep your fridge working efficiently.

Keep it away from the oven

Try and keep your fridge and oven as far away from each other as possible. If a fridge is near a hot oven it has to work harder to keep cool, which then uses unnecessary energy.  

Clean the coils

This tip is rarely used, as you have to manoeuvre your fridge. However, if you put your fridge in a position that enables you to reach the back of the fridge with a vacuum cleaner, you can clear all the debris and dust from the coils, saving money and your fridge.

The most efficient way

If you own a fridge that was produced over 10 years ago, the very best route to energy-saving is to purchase a new energy-saving model.  

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